Elongated Adjustable Face Cradle, SC-529

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The Sierra Comfort Elongated Adjustable Face Cradle (SC-529) is compatible with all Sierra Comfort massage tables. The face cradle is adjustable by tilting the vertical angle up or down. The hard plastic platform is durable, providing ample support in all positions. The elongated face cradle provides extra headspace through its extended surface.

Features & Specifications:
Compatible with all Sierra Comfort massage tables                                             
Compatible with the Elongated Face Pillow (SC-533)                                              Constructed of lightweight aluminum and hard plastic
Adjust the positioning by manipulating the locking lever and tilting the platform      Elongated face cradle conforms to longer shapes
¾” tubular diameter
8 ¼” distance between tubular outlets                                                                                Item Weight: 1.65 lbs.