Standard 2-Section Electric Lift Massage Table, SC-3001

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The Sierra Comfort Standard 2-Section Electric Lift Massage Table (SC-3001) is our favorite electric lift stationary massage table. The steel frame and 3” of high density foam offer durability and comfort.

The table height is controlled electrically with a foot pedal assist, ranging from 15.5” to 32.5”. The backrest is adjusted manually by means of a pneumatic gas lift. Face cradle outlets at both ends of the tabletop contribute to its versatility. The SC-3001 is a practical design, offering convenience and reliability.

Steel frame
Adjustable Table Height with Electric Pedal Assist
Manual Adjustable Backrest with Pneumatic Gas Lift Assist
3" High Density Foam Deck
Water & Oil Resistant PU Leather Upholstery
Wheel Casters with Locking Mechanism
Multiple Face Cradle Outlets
Adjustable Face Cradle and Face Cushion
No Tools Required For Assembly
Intended Use: For Basic Immobile Massage Therapies

Tabletop Dimensions: Width 30" x Length 73" (Length w/ headrest installed: 85")
Height (Adjustable): 15.5” to 32.5”
Adjustable Backrest Range: 0 to 70 degrees
Tubular Headrest Outlets (8.5” apart at outlet center)
Table Weight: 120 lbs.
Working Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Electric Lift Massage Table
Elongated Adjustable Face Cradle (SC-529)
Elongated Face Pillow (SC-533)
2-Year Limited Warranty