Standard Carry Bag, SC-515

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The Sierra Comfort Standard Carry Bag (SC-515) is compatible with the SC-500, SC-501A, & SC-901 portable massage tables. The carry bag assists in conveniently transporting its table and all corresponding accessories. The bag is made from polyester synthetic fibers and nylon strappings. The shoulder strap is adjustable to fit various body sizes and heights. A convenient storage pouch allows for storing additional accessories.

Features & Specifications:
Compatible with the Basic Portable Massage Table (SC-500), Preferred Portable Massage Table (SC-501A), & All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table (SC-901)
Made from polyester synthetic fibers and nylon strappings
Adjustable Nylon Shoulder Strap
Carry Bag Dimensions: 37” x 28” x 7”